AdobeStock_455007340 Announces ColdFusion 9 Cloud Offering has announced the availability of ColdFusion 9 in cloud deployments starting at $125 per month. (Although it looks like they have yet to update their Cloud Enterprise page to reflect this).

4 responses to “ Announces ColdFusion 9 Cloud Offering”

  1. Kevin Benore Avatar
    Kevin Benore

    It’s on there (at least it is now) under the "Additional Software" section.

  2. Peter Doyle Avatar
    Peter Doyle

    Well have to say that isn’t a very user friendly site.
    From what I could find to get any details of the real cost of the plans you have to give them log in and credit card details – and only then can you build your plan. Haven’t seen that kind of information gathering on a site for a long long time.
    Really puts me off dealing with them to be honest.
    Good to see some options coming on line though – will be interesting to see who else follows.

  3. Aaron Neff Avatar
    Aaron Neff

    I caught the "Cold Fusion 8.0.1 or 9 Enterprise".
    Not sure if anyone notices the problem w/ that. (there’s an extra space in there somewhere ;)) I’ve just reported it to them, so it should be removed.

  4. Nicolas Chevallier Avatar
    Nicolas Chevallier

    Good news!

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