Free Flex Builder 3 For CS4 Users

Are you a Creative Suite 4 Web Premium or Master Collection user who purchased you software on or after September 1th, 2009? If so, you are eligible to use Adobe Flex Builder 3 at no additional cost. Details posted online.

4 responses to “Free Flex Builder 3 For CS4 Users”

  1. john Avatar

    That’s great, any plans to do that for CF Builder?

  2. Shigeru Avatar

    FlexBuilder 3 Standard but not Professional??

  3. Nathan Kondra Avatar
    Nathan Kondra

    Yeah, i just purchased a new run on CF4 Web Premium Suites. I agree and would like to see the ability to request getting CF Builder instead, assuming that they will be priced similar.

  4. Jason Fisher Avatar
    Jason Fisher

    Bummer, our most recent copy of CS4 was purchased back in August. On another note, Ben, just noticed this morning that the site at the link is all in Japanese … it was English last night when I first saw your post …

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