Reports Of Bad ColdFusion 9 DVDs

Most users buy ColdFusion electronically, they just download the software. But some users prefer physical media, and so we sell ColdFusion on DVDs, too.
And, we’ve been informed that some of the first ColdFusion 9 DVDs actually contain ColdFusion 8. If you downloaded ColdFusion 9, then you’re fine. But, if you received a ColdFusion 9 DVD that seems to contain ColdFusion 8, see this post by ColdFusion Product Manager Adam Lehman.

One response to “Reports Of Bad ColdFusion 9 DVDs”

  1. Lance Avatar

    I think something’s up with notifications as well. I downloaded the developer edition of CF 9 a few days ago. Today, I got an email from Adobe saying "Get the most out of your ColdFusion 8 download"…or something to that effect. The point is it said ColdFusion 8, which immediately caught my attention because I haven’t downloaded a trial for that in over a year. I think that needs updated. Thanks!

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