Gartner's Mark Driver Is Impressed With ColdFusion

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  1. Steve P Avatar
    Steve P

    Ben, you should take this link down, something this badly written and so obviously poorly thought out doesn’t deserve a credit from someone like you. The guy can’t even spell for God’s sake. Being attached to this isn’t going to do CF any favours. Gartner just lost a ton of credibility from my point of view.

  2. David Avatar

    Is Mark trying to make a joke or just making up numbers?
    … "my own estimates of about 48 trillion [developers] for .NET" …
    I’m under the impression that’s many many more people than the population of Earth:
    … even using the smaller American units for trillion:
    48,000,000,000,000 = 48 trillion = "number of .NET developers"
    00,006,700,000,000 = 6.7 billion (population of Earth)

  3. Paul Avatar

    I’m sure he meant million. We all make mistakes… I’m just glad to see another supporter of ColdFusion.

  4. James Avatar

    Are you all serious? After years of hearing "experts" tell us CF is either dying or is already 6 feet under, you want to whine about grammatical errors? Geez, I could go over to for this kind of snarky commentary :-).

  5. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    James, I am with you. This was Mark’s blog post, not a formal Gartner report. And blog posts typically are far more casual.
    David, I think he was making a point, not trying to be literal.
    The bottom line is that Gartner, who for many years paid no attention to ColdFusion at all, have now seen the light and are publicly stating that they are impressed with the product. Considering that many organizations make technical purchase decisions based on Gartner, this can only be a good thing.
    — Ben

  6. Jake Munson Avatar
    Jake Munson

    Ben, I’d love to hear you comment on this quote from his blog entry:
    "Overall CF has lost market share percentage to competing technologies for years (ASP, Java, PHP, etc.) and in virtually all cases when a developer tool loses momentum like this, it results in an inevitable a march to oblivion."
    I know you guys always say that the ColdFusion developer base is growing. So if he is correct that CF’s market share is shrinking…that can only be true if the web developer population as a whole is growing, but more people are going to other platforms than to CF. So while CF is growing, it is is not growing as fast as the rest of the languages.
    Has Gartner published market share numbers that would back up his assertion?

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