ColdFusion 9 Ships

I know I must be one of the last to blog this, but I’ve been buried with MAX keynotes and unable to get online until now. But … yes, it’s true, ColdFusion 9 is now shipping. And ColdFusion Builder Beta 2 is now on labs.

3 responses to “ColdFusion 9 Ships”

  1. m@ Avatar

    I’m awaiting the marketing for "the most significant release yet" lol
    good to see 9 is out bring on 10!

  2. gareth Avatar

    Will there be a new WACK or other books coming out for the CF9 release?
    As most developers have at least one version of the WACK somewhere, maybe a smaller book that just covered the new features would be of benefit?

  3. Justin Avatar

    I have a question… anyone seen Transformers II?

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