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  1. Marcel Avatar

    Mr Forta,
    Please oh please try to convince Adobe to let foreign users pay with USD through the store if they choose! In Australia we are slugged almost $800 USD more than US users which puts it over $5000 AUD which is a significant emotional deterant for management.

  2. Bjorn Jensen Avatar
    Bjorn Jensen

    What am I missing, what are the great features in this release that we simply can’t live without ?
    Looking over the reference, it’s definitely very….meh
    Could someone point to a complete list of new features/enhancements ?
    And Marcel, we in europe seems to get quite shafted as well, since it seems Adobe believes that 1 USD = 1 Euro

  3. Steve 'Cutter' Blades Avatar
    Steve ‘Cutter’ Blades

    Guys, I’m no expert, but I’m fairly positive that there are several tariffs and taxes put upon Adobe, by both the US and the other governments, that for Adobe to charge a higher amount for foreign distribution. Yes, it sucks, but they always said the two things you will always contend with are death and taxes.
    @Bjorn –
    Have you missed the wealth of press over this release? CF9 brings many new features to the table, making it a significant upgrade that is well worth the licensing. A few items:
    Built in Hibernate ORM support
    MS Office/OpenOffice document manipulation
    Complete parity in cfscript
    Cloud licensing
    Improved EULA, w/ changes for dev/testing/staging environments
    That’s just a few items, there are many more. I’m sure you can find a blog post somewhere from one of the ug tour stops that outline the new features in greater depth.

  4. Wim Avatar

    When will your new books arrive, Ben?

  5. Richard Avatar

    I second this I can’t wait to get my hands on the new books.
    The ORM and office file manipulation features look fantastic.

  6. EstebanD Avatar

    Ben, Maybe you can convey this to ADOBE management.
    Like many other CF developers I heavily rely on the online documentation. But it is soooo SLOW. It is a disservice to the CF community that we need to invest so much time just waiting a dumb static page to load.
    I was hoping that with CF 9 under Adobe this would change but is the same bad response time.
    Thank you for helping all the community.

  7. Bill Avatar

    If you look more closely at the static page you will see a link to the PDF file in the upper left hand corner which you can download with a "right click" and "save link as". Then you will have a local copy in PDF format wh

  8. Glenn Williams Avatar
    Glenn Williams

    I’m with the rest on this, I hope you’re managing to find time to update your Cf Books to 9. The three volumes I had land on my door-step from Amazon when they were released for 8 are what changed ALL of our flex projects from having php back-end to all using Cf.
    Forget any more speaking engagements, I for hope hope you’re sat there typing away on some books for us.

  9. johnm Avatar

    I really liked the little pre packaged application examples in cf 6-8. Is there something similar in cf 9? Is Adobe hosting it? I have looked by can’t find any reference to sample applications…

  10. Glenn Williams Avatar
    Glenn Williams

    in a couple of months??? SO SOON!! that’s great news. are they already available for pre-sale on amazon. me thinks Im going to have a look right now.
    thanks Ben, as always, total hero!

  11. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    The books are planned for release in a couple of months, nearer the final ColdFusion Builder release. Stay tuned.
    — Ben

  12. Brian Lang Avatar
    Brian Lang

    I find it very frustrating that I can google "CF7 StructKeyExists" and the first result that pops up is the Adobe CF7 documentation link for that Method yet when I attempt to do the same with CF9, there are no Adobe links in the first page of results.
    The CF9 documentation is the worst of the various version of CF documentation on the internet in terms of Googleability. And if that’s not a word, it is now.

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