Want A Set Of Those Cool MAX Figurines?

Last year, for MAX 2008 we created four cool figurines, two were given out at MAX U.S. in San Francisco, and two at MAX Europe in Milan. There was Photoshop Cave-Painter, MAX the Explorer, Flash Builder-Chimp, and Flex Air-Bot. These are collectors items, and we’ll not be giving them out at MAX this year (and likely never again).
But, one of my colleagues just told me that she found a whole case of these goodies, all in mint condition, and all in their Adobe MAX branded boxes. So, I’m going to give them away! Interested? Read on …
Use the MAX Widget to record a MAX testimonial video. Tell the world why you attend MAX (or why you want to), and when your video is published we’ll send you the complete set of 4 MAX figurines.
But, supplies are limited, and when they run out …

7 responses to “Want A Set Of Those Cool MAX Figurines?”

  1. Garth Braithwaite Avatar
    Garth Braithwaite

    Sweet. I’ve wanted the rest of the characters for awhile. How long should it take to get the video approved?

  2. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Approved 🙂

  3. Garth Braithwaite Avatar
    Garth Braithwaite

    wow. That was fast. Let me know when you need my mailing address 🙂

  4. Paul Avatar

    Photoshop cave painter? How accurate. 😉

  5. Phillip Molaro Avatar
    Phillip Molaro

    Wow, those little guys are cool. I made a video (hope I did it right). Even had my MAX shirt on by chance so that worked out. Thx for the contest Ben!

  6. Chris Griffith Avatar
    Chris Griffith

    I would love to but the widget won’t let me record any video. I even got a Lego Luke Skywalker ready for the clip.

  7. Bruce Hopkins Avatar
    Bruce Hopkins

    I think something must be wrong. I’m using Snow Leoapard, and it’s doesn’t seem like the video was being captured.

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