Special MAX 2009 Discount Pricing For Students

We’ve never had special MAX 2009 pricing for students before, but the venue this year is so freaking huge, and there are so many students in the Greater Los Angeles area, that …
Students can attend MAX 2009 for the discounted price of $199 for a full conference pass and $99 for a day pass! That’s 80% off the full registration price.
To register, go to the MAX registration page, and use discount code STU691. And you will be required to provide valid student identification.
This is an incredible opportunity, so spread the word. Let’s see hundreds, or thousands, of students at MAX this year!
Oh, and teachers are invited too, and should use discount code EDU966 to get the full conference pass for $995.

2 responses to “Special MAX 2009 Discount Pricing For Students”

  1. TRS Avatar

    It would be nice to see something similar done for folks who are on Unemployment. I also find it odd that there’s no link to a jobs board of any kind on the Max landing page. Back in the day this was an important part of the Macromedia UCONs.

  2. Jeffry Houser Avatar
    Jeffry Houser

    Although it isn’t the same as a Max ticket; Adobe is giving out free Flex Builder licenses to unemployed folks:

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