InformationWeek is running a story about how The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA, which provides IT services to the Department of Defense) is making its internally developed suite of administrative and workflow applications available to other government agencies as open source software. The Open Source Content Management Information System (OSCMIS) comprises more than 50 Web applications, including workforce management, automated workflow, learning management, balanced scorecard, and telework management. The applications are all built in ColdFusion, and going forward, DISA wants to encourage use of and training in ColdFusion, even starting with kids in high school to get them interested in software development as a career.
[Via Sean Corfield’s Tweet]

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  1. Thanks for the link, I requested a copy today. I’m curious to see everything it entails, though from the detailed description it looks like a lot of it is DISA-centric in its business process. We’ll see.

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