A ColdFusion User Weighs In On ColdFusion Vs. PHP

ColdFusion user Sarah Kelly has posted her thoughts on ColdFusion vs. PHP. And I think she nailed it, it’s less an issue of which is better or worse, and more picking the right tool for the job. Nice post, Sarah!

3 responses to “A ColdFusion User Weighs In On ColdFusion Vs. PHP”

  1. Andrew Pritchard Avatar
    Andrew Pritchard

    I know that CF 9 has the CFEXCEL tag but what to you use for Word documents?

  2. Terry Ryan Avatar
    Terry Ryan

    The CFdocument tag allows for conversion of Word documents to PDF.

  3. Sid Wing Avatar
    Sid Wing

    and – on the Adobe Coldfusion Exchange – there is cf_excel (customer tag) – free and open source. I have been using it for years.

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