Cumulative Hot Fix 3 for ColdFusion 8.0.1 Released

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  1. Wim Avatar

    Am I the only one thinking that there are not enough hotfixes, updates, patches or bugfixes during CF’s version life cycle? ColdFusion 8 was released over two years ago. We are now a few weeks (months?) away from CF9, and if you look at the list of bugs fixed in hotfix 3, one might think they should have been resolved a looooong time ago… I know of several severe bugs in CF8, they have been verified by Adobe and corrected in CF9. But not in 8.

  2. Henry Ho Avatar
    Henry Ho

    I signed up to the CF8 updates/hotfix mailing list you provided on the last hotfix post. I have not received any email from adobe yet, regarding this Cumulative Hot Fix 3 for CF8.

  3. Al Everett Avatar
    Al Everett

    Does this hotfix include the latest round of vulnerability fixes?

  4. Andreas Avatar

    @Wim: …regarding the problems the last hot fixes got me in, I’m happy that there are not more 😉 (Waiting now since 10 days for a support request getting answered concerning a problem on our live servers caused by one of the hot fixes…).
    @Henry: no

  5. Toby Avatar

    After applying the last cumulative hotfix – I cant access my CF admin anymore. Gives me a error message such as:
    Permission denied for creating Java object: coldfusion.server.SystemInfo.
    Access to Java objects in the ColdFusion package has been disabled by the administrator.
    Anyone seen this? All my CFapps are working but no access to CF Admin is not that great.

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