This special is only available at CFUnited (Adam announced this during our opening keynote), so don’t tell ’em that I spilled the beans here …
Purchase ColdFusion 8 today to receive a 30% discount, and also receive 3 free copies of Flex Builder 3 Standard with your order. In addition, buy maintenance and support plan and you’ll receive ColdFusion 9 before the end of this calendar year at only 20% of its price.
For this offer you’ll need to call one of dedicated ColdFusion account reps, and reference code CFUN09:

6 thoughts

  1. This is just for additional licenses of 8 right? We can’t pre-order upgrade licenses to 9 ( from our current 8 licenses ) at a discount, can we?

  2. David, it is indeed for CF8. But, you may be able to buy a subscription for your existing CF8 which will then give you CF9 when it comes out. You are supposed to buy subscription when you first buy the product, so they may not let you buy it now, but, can’t hurt to ask them.
    — Ben

  3. John, my guess is that it is North America only, as it was intended for use at CFUnited. But, contact one of the reps I listed to be sure.
    — Ben

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