ColdFusion 9 And Cloud Computing

During the CFUnited keynote this morning, we announced plans to support ColdFusion 9 in cloud computing deployments. Not a lot of details were given, and pricing was not discussed, but this is what we did say:

  • The current CPU based ColdFusion licensing, including no restriction on instances or virtual servers, remains as is in ColdFusion 9.
  • In addition, ColdFusion will introduce new licensing options for cloud environments, where there is no per CPU model. ColdFusion Standard will allow a single cloud instance, and ColdFusion Enterprise will allow up to 10 cloud instances.
  • Split licenses won’t be allowed, so no ColdFusion Enterprise running on 1 CPU and 5 cloud instances, sorry.
  • We do plan to support Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) specifically by creating ready-to-use Amazon Machine Images (AMIs).

More details to follow.

13 responses to “ColdFusion 9 And Cloud Computing”

  1. Garth Braithwaite Avatar
    Garth Braithwaite

    thanks. Now if only we could get it on Google App Engine

  2. _mark Avatar

    CF9 + FB4 = ADOBE WIN 🙂 .. i’m hoping.

  3. David McGuigan Avatar
    David McGuigan

    This is a fantastic move! Way to go Adobe. Although I think that giving Standard 2 instances instead of 1 and opening up some limited clustering options for the Standard license would be a smart sidearm to it. Being able to explain that the entry-level ColdFusion server supports basic redundancy and load-balancing would be a great evangelism tool, as well as get more non-enterprise developers into the exploration of the enterprise features.

  4. Jedt Sitthidumrong Avatar
    Jedt Sitthidumrong

    Thank you Ben.
    I’m sure that CF9 will be a great release ever. Cloud is the way to go. So, the licensing should be allow ‘non-enterprise’ user to have more option/features also. loadbalancing and 2 instances for cloud like David said should be a big add on for beginner.

  5. brian Avatar


  6. Rich Kroll Avatar
    Rich Kroll


  7. Brock Baxter Avatar
    Brock Baxter

    Thanks for the info Ben!
    Once again we’ve gotta be proud. Adobe hit this one OUT OF THE PARK. CloudComputing? Bolt? FlexBuilder 4? It’s so great to be part of such a cutting edge community. Reallylooking forward to C9!!
    GO GO GO!!!

  8. Adrian J. Moreno Avatar
    Adrian J. Moreno

    What about lower pricing for non-production environments? i.e. Integrated development, QA or staging environments?

  9. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    I think that the licensing is pretty final. Still, I’ll pass these comment along.
    — Ben

  10. Michael van Leest Avatar
    Michael van Leest

    Any news on the availability of the CF9 cloud licenses and AMI’s??

  11. Jerry Hamby Avatar
    Jerry Hamby

    So what’s happening now with CF9 and the Cloud?

  12. Alison Huselid Avatar
    Alison Huselid

    CF9 currently supports cloud deployments. With CF9 we updated the EULA to allow you to take your traditional serial number to any cloud vendor you choose (including AWS). With CF9 Standard you are entitled to install one cloud based instance(or AMI) and with CF9 Enterprise you are entitled to 10 cloud based instances. Also, these instances are in addition to using your serial number on your traditional install of 2 CPUs.

  13. Bob Klaas Avatar
    Bob Klaas

    Do you have any updated information on the ColdFusion AMI become available? I’m stoked to hear that Adobe is moving forward with Amazon EC2. I can’t wait until its ready to rock n roll.

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