Limited Supply Of MAX Discount Codes Up For Grabs

As in previous years, I have managed to obtain MAX discount codes. But, unlike in previous years, this year they are not open ended (they expire August 31st) and I have fewer of them. So, if you want to go to MAX 2009 in Los Angeles, and need a little help with the registration fee, read on:

  • My discount code is for $400 off the full MAX price of $1495 (and $200 less than the early bird discount).
  • The discount codes can’t be used with any other discount, and they cannot be used if you have already registered for MAX (no canceling and registering again, some tried that last year apparently, only to find out that the codes were not going to be honored).
  • I don’t have many of these, so only ask for one if you’ll use it.
  • The discount codes expire August 31st, 2009, so only ask for one if you can use it by then.

If you are interested, send me an e-mail (don’t just leave a comment here).

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