Ni Hao From China

I am in China for the week. I arrived late last night, and am spending the day in Beijing today, and then flying to Shanghai this evening. The week will be non-stop meetings, but we do have one public event scheduled, an Adobe Developer Tech Day in Shanghai on Thursday, July 16th. Also presenting at this event will be fellow Adobe Platform Evangelists Enrique Duvos from the European team and Zerlot Ma from the Chinese team.

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  1. Barry Avatar

    Welcome to China! It is fascinating to learn that the author of the “de facto” text books on Coldfusion will actually speak in Shanghai.
    I am a lawyer of a US firm in Shanghai but also a great fan of Coldfusion, although a beginner – just finished reading the first volume of your treatise ColdFusion 8 Web Application Construction Kit (purchased from US).
    If your schedule in Shanghai permits, I will be very happy to take you out for dinner today or tomorrow (June 16 or 17). You can also find my buddy, Adam Zhang at the Adobe Developer Tech Day event today (at this moment, to be exact). He is a computer engineer of Coldfusion from a US company. ( I am pretty occupied today and cannot make it to the event).
    By the way, I bought all your books including 10 minutes on SQL and Regular Expression (not sure if I can finish reading them, but I like the straightforward writing style).

  2. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    I am at the Tech Day event right now, and a well attended event it is. Thanks for your invitation. But, unfortunately, I fly out early in the morning, so dinner is not an option. But, I’ll be back, so maybe in the future.
    — Ben

  3. Barry Avatar

    No problem! Thanks for coming to Shanghai. I learned from Adam that he just took a picture with you on the site. 🙂
    Have a great trip back and hope to see you sometime soon.

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