ColdFusion 9 Content On Adobe TV

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  1. Kevin Roche Avatar
    Kevin Roche

    Ben, unfortunately your link doesn’t take you to the CF pages just the home page and then it akes two clicks to get a blank page saying there are no coldFusion videos. However if you are patient and wait about a minute the page is populated with some links to videos. I think whoever designed this page ought to have put in "Please Wait" rather than "No videos found".

  2. Raymond Camden Avatar
    Raymond Camden

    Oddly – I still don’t see them on I do see them here though:

  3. Kevin Roche Avatar
    Kevin Roche

    Thanks Ray. Much Better….

  4. Harry Klein Avatar
    Harry Klein

    Ben, the second video "" doesn’t seem to work – it stops after 20 secs

  5. Syed Avatar

    Nice intro to CF9 and CF Builder.

  6. David McGuigan Avatar
    David McGuigan

    Thanks for the link Ray.
    The CFBuilder features tour video stops for me after about 10 seconds and won’t let me scrub past the glitch. Granted, I’m on a mac so I was probably lucky it made it that far. But still.

  7. Patrick Whittingham Avatar
    Patrick Whittingham

    Ben, Your video concerning using CFMX 9 (cfmail) as a service for Flex is very interesting. How would you do the same thing in Java? This would be a great ‘selling’ tool for Java/.Net shops.

  8. Raymond Camden Avatar
    Raymond Camden

    The CFaaS feature exposes CF as a service to both Flex and anything that can use web services. So you would simply use Java to make a WS call to the CF service.

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