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  1. How much will the CF Builder be sold for and how soon do you think it’ll be available to purchase? Any discounts for Dreamweaver owners?

  2. Any projected release date for CF9 yet? Not looking for specifics, maybe just an estimated upcoming quarter to reserve some budget. 🙂

  3. I finally installed the CF Builder Eclipse plugin and I have to say that I’m not impressed, sorry. Here’s the thing, put next to CFEclipse there is no difference, absolutly none. I can switch from one perspective to another, back and forth, and I can’t tell which one is which. I’m not saying there are no differences at all, just no differences to this seasoned CF veteran who uses both DW and CFEclipse.
    That being said, as for Adobe moving their CF IDE to Eclipse I appluad them. But it’s as useful as CFEclipse, which is free. So unless CF Builder is free it just doesn’t make since to pay for it. Unless you just want to buy the name and support.

  4. Not sure how you can say it is the same? Try the stand alone version….much different then cfeclipse

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