Free Flex Builder 3 For Unemployed Developers Round 2

Earlier this year, the Adobe Platform Evangelists started handing out copies of Flex Builder 3 to developers who are out of work, the idea being that they could use their new free time to learn a new skill. It started off as an informal grassroots initiative, but we were so inundated with requests that Adobe launched an official program around the idea. Over the course of the next few weeks we handed out 15,000 licenses of Flex Builder, and many of the recipients have contacted us to tell us that they are now writing Flex apps for a living!
Well, as much as we’d rather that no one was eligible for the program, the response was so overwhelmingly positive that we’re doing it again.
Go visit the site, accept the terms, fill in the form, and you’ll be on your way to learning a new, and much in demand, skill. The program even includes an offer from Safari Books Online. They are providing developers with free 60 day access to an online version of the Adobe Developer Library, which includes some of the most popular books for learning Flex.
Please, spread the word!

2 responses to “Free Flex Builder 3 For Unemployed Developers Round 2”

  1. Clint Avatar

    Got mine in the first round, thanks Adobe! (Was wondering where I got FB3 from, lol.) Not employeed yet but I have another interview with a Flex shop next week, wish me luck. Any chances FB4 will be offered into 2010? Why not, we only have a few more years left until 2012 and then it won’t matter any ways.

  2. SSTWebmaster Avatar

    I also got my copy of FB3 in the first round, thank you, thank you Adobe for taking care of your developer base in tough times

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