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  1. Great news, Ben. The price difference between standard/enterprise has always been a bit of a head scratcher, and it’s nice that something as simple as 64bit support will be available for the product. Looking forward to caching 8 GB in memory in CF9 😉

  2. This is slightly concerning – http://download.macromedia.com/pub/labs/coldfusion/cf9_beta_sysreqs_071309.pdf – Reading this implies that the x64 OS flavours require Enterprise. ie: all listings on their pages 3 and 4 of this document.
    The filename seems to imply that it was published on the 13th July, so it might have been replaced since, but it would be good to have an Adobe referenced release to see this…?? Anyone got an up to date reference from Adobe with this confirmed??

  3. ColdFusion 8 has COM support in the 32-bit version; not under 64-bit. I am hoping that version 9 has added COM support under the 64-bit JVM. Ben?

  4. No, unfortunatelly it doesn’t.
    Coldfusion 9 x64 bit still has NO COM SUPPORT. The only solution is to run a paralel Coldfusion x32 server for the COM object compatibility. Thank you, Adobe!

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