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  1. FYI, under the optional recommendations, ‘Edit jvm.config file and add the JVM argument “–Dcoldfusion.fckupload=true”’, causes the CF service to not start.
    This is in the cfusion8-err.log: "java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Dcoldfusion/fckupload=true".

  2. Hi Jason,
    Do you have any other details on this? Did you apply the hotfix jar as mentioned in the instructions?
    –Dcoldfusion.fckupload=true is nothing but a system property passed to JVM like some of the others property that you may have in jvm.config. It should ideally not cause this esception.
    Can you provide more details?

  3. Note that you need to add this system property if you are using file upload capability with fckeditor using cftextarea tag.
    Can you mail me java.args line from jvm.config? Which OS are you using?
    You can mail me on hkhandel {at} adobe.com

  4. @Jason : Looks like a new line character is getting added when you copy the -Dcoldfusion.fckuplod=true argument.
    Do not copy the java argument from the instructions. Type the argument instead in the jvm.config file and you should be all fine.

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