NYC Rocked, Minneapolis Is Next

Last night’s usergroup event in NYC was incredible! A crowd of about 120 packed one of the beautiful new conference facilities at NYU Medical Center, and we chatted for over 2 hours about ColdFusion, Flex, Flash Catalyst, and more. The crowd was amazing, dozens of questions and comments and interruptions before I had even gotten to the second feature! The crowd was so involved and engaged and enthusiastic that I actually had to ask them to stop the questions a couple of time so as to get to the next topic, and that does not happen often.
Thanks to Ben Nadel and Clark Valberg and crew for putting together an incredible event, complete with top notch catered food (sandwiches, sushi, and even ColdFusion branded cupcakes)! Oh, and sorry about the late start (darned NYC construction crews and cabbies who are unaware of them).
Next up, flying to Minneapolis for tonight’s session to the Twin Cities ColdFusion Usergroup.

2 responses to “NYC Rocked, Minneapolis Is Next”

  1. Sam Brown Avatar
    Sam Brown

    Thanks for the pic. Can’t wait to stop writing insert statements.

  2. Jeff W. Avatar
    Jeff W.

    These events are just great, they bring people together and they help us share and learn! Great food for though to talk all together and to be able to ask every question that pops in our mind! Even if that can be a lot of questions. 🙂

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