Atlanta A Success, Next Stop Washington, D.C.

Last night’s usergroup presentation in Atlanta went really well. About 100 attendees turned out for an hour of ColdFusion “Centaur” and “Bolt” and close to an hour of Flash Builder 4. The Atlanta group is home to some of the more vocal users, but the crowd was a little more subdued than usual, probably the result of no A/C running. Still, lots of good questions, and spontaneous applause for the Server Manager, Data Services in FB4, spreadsheet integration, and more. I am now in Atlanta airport, on my way to D.C. where we do it again this evening.

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  1. D'ontreye Nero Avatar
    D’ontreye Nero

    Ben, Great presentation last night here in Atlanta! I’m excited about this next release. One question for you though… When will a "<cfmedia>" tag be introduced? Something for video players which can play .flv files, etc.? Thanks!

  2. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    We still have a few more tricks up our sleeves, stay tuned on that one.
    — Ben

  3. Sam Mickens Jr Avatar
    Sam Mickens Jr

    I heard a rumor that CF9 will be free for educational institutions. I am the web supervisor for a public k-12 school district with little to no budget and that was music to my ears. Is that true? I had to sell my soul to purchase cf8 enterprise edition.

  4. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Well, kind of. ColdFusion is already free for educational use, see This is not for production servers in schools, but for educational use, as in learning CF. And I fully expect the same offer for CF9.
    — Ben

  5. Ron Stewart Avatar
    Ron Stewart

    Ben: Where and when is your preso this evening at the DC CFUG? I can’t find anything on their site, and we’re back in DC for work this week. If we can get there, we might try to attend.

  6. ROn Stewart Avatar
    ROn Stewart

    Ben: Never mind… now I see it on the linked in page. It was the December 31, 1969 that threw me… looks like with a 5pm start time, we missed it.

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