Lots Of Great New ColdFusion Flash Builder Content On ADC

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  1. Ari Zanuto Avatar
    Ari Zanuto


  2. Jeff Avatar

    I can totally see the rationale behind this approach. We’re trying to make this product more broadly adopted and if it is considered "too hard" then it won’t be. HOWEVER, The approach seems to be kind of an anti-pattern – like all the MVC you need is the MVC these wizards create for you. As a seasoned Flash/Flex developer that is an irritating thought.
    I’ve worked long and hard to know what I know and I’m disinclined to use an IDE that shields me from the low level details. I’m also kind of skeptical that this approach to app develoment (as described in the articles) will suit a larger project.

  3. Adam Lehman Avatar
    Adam Lehman

    I’m not 100% sure which article you are referring to, but I assume you are talking about the new Data Service panel in Flash Builder 4. I’m a bit confused on where you see the overlap with MVC. What this new panel intends to do is bridge the

  4. Gerald Guido Avatar
    Gerald Guido

    I looked at these tutes and all I can say is "Well done sirs, well done". Hibernate + Flesh builder + bolt = an ungodly productivity monster.
    This has been a long time coming i.e product placement along side of some of Adobe’s flag ship products. This is great for CF and the community as a whole. The community really needs a shot in the arm like this. I don’t think the meaning of all this has sunk in yet.
    I have been all over the Flash Builder Beta and the docs said a version of Flash builder will come with Bolts code generation capability. I CANNOT WAIT to get my hands on Bolt to see what I can get Flash Builder and Bolt to do.

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