Flash Builder 4 And Flash Catalyst Now On Labs

Title says it all, public beta versions of Flash Builder 4 (formerly Flex Builder) and Flash Catalyst are now available for download on Adobe Labs.

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  1. Clint Avatar

    What exactly is new in FB4 that would create better web apps than FB3? Is FB4 mostly about productivity effeciency and designer/developer collaborations? I love the idea of FC but have yet to deal with the wizard code. FrontPage did stuff like that I remember, but I left FP because the code it generated was such garbage that I practically had to rewrite it again. But it looks cool and I’ll try FC out for my next flash/air project. Thanks for the info Ben.

  2. Rich Avatar

    Hi Ben-
    As always, thanks for all of your efforts regarding the Flash/Flex/CF community.
    Was curious, are any of these products (Flash Catalyst/Flash Builder 4 or the new CF IDE) poised to replace any of Adobe’s existing IDEs or toolsets? There definitely seems to be some overlap with one or two….

  3. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Rich, Flash Builder is the next version of Flex Builder so it’ll replace that. But not, no other replacements or real overlaps, Flash Catalyst is new and is targeted at designers including Photoshop users, and the CF IDE is new and does not really overlap with anything.
    — Ben

  4. Clint Avatar

    OMG! I didn’t know whether to be mad or excited. At first I was mad that you guys didn’t just make Catalyst a part of the new Flash Builder but now I get it and it’s brilliant. How many times have I had to go back and forth with the designer? Too many. Now the developer can just make the painting come to life without worring about design too. Seperation of project domains in a contained environment. I like Adobe’s OO thinking. And as many projects require the developer to be designer too, this really helps to cut the load into two concrete parts. Maybe share one with an artistic freind. 😉

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