SapphireSteel Releases Amethyst Beta 5

I’ve mentioned SapphireSteel‘s Amethyst Visual Studio plugin-in previously. SapphireSteel has just announced the availability of Beta 5 which, among other things, adds refactoring support, improved debugging, and more. If you are a Visual Studio developer who also uses (or wants to use) Flex, this one is worth a look at.

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  1. Clint Avatar

    It’s definatly only for Visual Studio developers. Amethyst being a free Flex IDE I wanted to try it out even though I have FB3 already. I found that it is way too much trouble to mess with. Unless you already have VS9 you have to go through a barrage of software installs and os restarts, taking up to a few hours. And then at the end it still says VS is not found.
    Way too confusing and complex to set up. Let me know when they get down to a single easy install package. Might be worth it if you can’t get or afford FB3 but I wouldn’t know since I never got to use it, looks nice though.

  2. Huw Collingbourne Avatar
    Huw Collingbourne

    Can I clarify that for anyone who has Visual Studio, the Amethyst installation is a fast, one-step process. If you want to install the free ‘shell’ edition of Visual Studio, however, you will have to run the Microsoft VS setup and – if you don’t already have .NET installed – you will need to install that too. That is, certainly, quite a big install. It would be comparable to installing Eclipse and Java from scratch, say. But Amethyst itself is not a big install. With Visual Studio already installed, Amethyst will install in a couple of minutes.
    best wishes

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