Check Out The Tour de Flex Real Time Heatmap

Oh, this one is just too cool! Tour de Flex allows users around the globe to experiment with Flex code snippets and examples. And I do mean around the globe. Greg Wilson just posted a link to a Flex dashboard which uses ILOG Elixir controls to show a real time heatmap of current Tour de Flex activity. LiveCycle Data Services are used for the connectivity, and a GeoIP database maps requests to locations. Very slick. So slick, that I’ll even forgive them using PHP pages on the backend instead of ColdFusion (just this once). 😉

2 responses to “Check Out The Tour de Flex Real Time Heatmap”

  1. Greg Wilson Avatar
    Greg Wilson

    Have no fear Ben – I’m going to post a sample very soon showing how to do the entire backend with ColdFusion.

  2. Ken Caldwell Avatar
    Ken Caldwell

    I have been to a number of Adobe events and some other events where Adobe representatives have been. They talk about Flex/BlazeDS/Coldfusion and how well they mix with each other and what you can do. They then show examples. Much like the Tour De Flex.
    But when you go to try and develop a proof of concept to show your boss, guess what ALL the samples use java on the back end. Even the tutorials on the Adobe site do this as well. I find this very insulting as you (Adobe) should be supplying examples using the technology you sell and demonstrate. I see Greg is going to do the Tour De Flex with a CF backend (should have been this way to begin with). When will this happen ? Will there be other examples ? Should we all throw out CF and use java ?

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