Privet From Moscow

I am in Moscow for a couple of days, the last stop on this Eastern European trip (and yes, I know that it’s a day off in the U.S., but I seem to manage to always be working out of the country on days off!). I spent the day with customers and journalists in Adobe’s Moscow office. I’ve met hundreds of journalists over the years, but these three impressed me with the range and depth of their questions on everything from Flex and AIR technical details to competitive positioning to the Adobe Macromedia acquisition to Flash Media Server use to Flash Lite and future mobile plans and much more. And the translator seemed to be able to keep up with me, too! Tomorrow I’ll get to present at a local Flex Camp event, and with any luck I’ll get to see some of the city tomorrow evening.

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  1. Maxim Avatar

    Ben, thank you very mach for your lection on the Camp!
    Could you provide links to the flex site examples you presented there?
    Especially women clothes webstore is interesting.

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