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Yesterday’s Adobe Developer Day in Bucharest was a success. Over 200 attendees attended multiple sessions, with presentations from Adobe SVP Digby Horner, Adobe Romania Director Alexandru Costin, fellow evangelists, Mihai Corlan, Miti Pricope, and Cornel Creanga, and other speakers. I presented an opening keynote session, and an afternoon session on ColdFusion. I also got to meet with local press, and took part in a live Romanian Business IT TV show (was supposed to be for 30 minutes, but we were cut off at 24 minutes because the TV station broke away for a speech by the Romanian President, oh well, I guess he has seniority!).
I am now in Prague, and tomorrow we do it all again. Once again, I am presenting an opening session, and am also presenting a session on Data Services. The event will take place at the beautiful and historic National House Smichov, and a large crowd is expected here, too.

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  1. Jason Avatar

    Aaargh! You flew straight over Budapest! Why not stop for a while and help the Hungarians shed PHP?!?! The folks at the Budapest Meetup ( would surely have put you up 🙂

  2. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    I flew over lots of other countries too getting here. 🙂 Budapest, ok, I’ll add it to the list to consider for a future visit.
    — Ben

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