Check Out Cheetos Office Tools

A Business Card Generator, a Resignation Letter Generator, and a Resume Padder. All very “useful” apps, and highly irreverent fun. Cheetos Office Tools is powered by AIR.

4 responses to “Check Out Cheetos Office Tools”

  1. Sid Wing Avatar
    Sid Wing

    Funny! WRONG at some kind of level – but funny!

  2. Simon Horwith Avatar
    Simon Horwith

    ou mean "Resignation Letter"… though I suppose that’s not much different than a resignation "latter" is it?

  3. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Simon, yep, correct. Thanks. Spelling and sleep deprivation are not compatible. 🙁
    — Ben

  4. sandeep Avatar

    the flash background running every time you click on a link drives me crazy !!

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