Hal Helms Wants To Help ColdFusion Developers Embrace OO

Hal Helms has been an integral part of the ColdFusion community for many years, and has been at the forefront of those who have been trying to infuse object oriented thinking into ColdFusion development. Hal is offering classes on the subject, and Fusion Authority has posted an interview with Hal where he explains all.

One response to “Hal Helms Wants To Help ColdFusion Developers Embrace OO”

  1. Joe Developer Avatar
    Joe Developer

    I take something a bit different from what Hal has to say in that interview. It seems to me that he’s not so much offering to help as telling everyone that if they want to have any hope of being able to wrote OO code with ColdFusion they’ll have to pay him (a lot) to take a course.
    There are many intelligent, generous members of the ColdFusion community offering help, but Hal has lumped all of that together and labelled it "misinformation". That is unbelievably unfair and is in itself grossly misinformed.
    Offering help is great, but there’s no reason to disparage an entire community of developers just to get your point across.

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