London CFUG Presentation Report

I just got back from presenting to the UK CFUG tonight. 140 developers showed up for 2 hours of LCDS, Flex, and a sneak peek at Centaur and Bolt. The crowd was great, highly interactive, and full of questions (a few of which I even answered).
And tomorrow I have to be up ridiculously early, leaving the hotel at 5:00am to catch a train to Brussels. Pictures coming soon.

5 responses to “London CFUG Presentation Report”

  1. Andrew Dixon Avatar
    Andrew Dixon

    Thanks for the excellent presentation tonight Ben. Superb.

  2. Kevin Roche Avatar
    Kevin Roche

    I really enjoyed your presentation. It was good to have such an interesting audience too.

  3. brian Avatar

    Thanks Ben, really enjoyed it and am looking forward to downloading the example files you mentioned.

  4. Marko Simic Avatar
    Marko Simic

    Any chance to see presentation slides or notes…any time soon ?

  5. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    The assets for the LCDS examples are linked at
    — Ben

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