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ColdFusion hosting partner HostMySite (they do indeed host my site, actually) is now offering an Enterprise Elastic Computing service. Among other things, it gives you the ability to deploy ColdFusion Enterprise onto a Windows or Linux virtual machine through an automated remote deployment tool.

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  1. Russell Brown Avatar
    Russell Brown

    Thanks for the heads up, this is EXACTLY what I was hoping they would come out with. I’ve already put in a call for a quote!

  2. Jeff Gladnick Avatar
    Jeff Gladnick

    Congrats! This is a good step to modernizing the licensing issues some have discussed with CF. Great work by both parties!

  3. johnm Avatar

    This would be cooler if they used vmware. Parallels parent partition approach makes me a little nervous.

  4. Fred Strelzoff Avatar
    Fred Strelzoff

    Actually johnm, I’m the product manager for EEC (Enterprise Elastic Computing) at hostmysite and I wanted to point out that you are incorrect. We are using VMware ESXi for our EEC product. The Compute side is fully HA due to Vmotion and other VMware technologies, and the Disk is a High availability SAN solution, so HA on both sides.
    One thing to note however, is that CF-enterprise is installed as a ‘instance of CF-enterprise’ .. if you need the multi-instance support, you can have it, just call support.
    The product is currently only being sold from our direct sales team today, however, you should see a web based ordering mechanism within the next 30 days.
    Fred Strelzoff

  5. johnm Avatar

    Thanks for updating the thread – looks like it was parallels based on following the link. Good on you for going with a full visualization stack. Much cleaner… You might do a better job calling that out on your site. The VPS link (here: seems to indicate it is parallels. I figure people would pay more for esxi.
    Good luck.

  6. Russell Brown Avatar
    Russell Brown

    This turned out to be nothing like what I was hoping for.
    If you are in the need for a high end custom VPS server than I guess this rocks. But from playing around with the configurator they just setup in my account, bloody hell is it expensive!!!

  7. Troy Allen Avatar
    Troy Allen

    So has anyone priced out the starting "base" configuration with ColdFusion and MS-SQL? If so, please share.

  8. Fred Strelzoff Avatar
    Fred Strelzoff

    Troy, for the system you are looking for, here is the baseline pricing
    $125 for the base configuration – 512M, 1 core, 20GB SAN
    + $100 for CF Enterprise 8.0.1
    + $50 for windows datacenter 2008 – 64bit
    + $40 for MS SQL 2008 Web
    + $10 for extra 20GB SAN (40GB total)
    $325 / mo.
    In order to purchase today, you must call into HMS sales 888-894-4678 and ask for Clint
    Regarding the comments Russell provided about costs. It’s important to remember that this service provides complete isolation between virtual environments (plus full root access), unlike a lot of other container based virtualization options.
    Additionally, the service allows you to rapidly provision resources as an alternative to bursting. So, as the administrator, you determine when additional resources are required (Disk, # of CPU cores, and Memory), providing a certain level of control; resulting in consistent end of month bills.
    Fred Strelzoff

  9. Brian Avatar

    I have an Elastic plan with HMS and have been a long time HMS customer. This has got to be the best thing they’ve ever offered. I was getting ready to walk as so many other hosters were getting into cloud and I couldn’t wait much longer. Now HMS put their own spin on cloud and bumped it up a notch by partnering with VMWare. I really just hope they are on the ball with the next release of CF.

  10. Mathew Ford Avatar
    Mathew Ford

    It’s nice to see HMS is now offering VPS + CF Enterprise. They are one of the few other hosting providers (besides ourselves) that we’d recommend to client, specifically since they are willing to work with clients on custom requests.
    I do want to point out that Ayera also offers ESXi VPS servers with CF 8.0.1 Enterprise and has been offering it for many months now. We’re a smaller, yet rapidly growing hosting company that is CF-centric. Our setup is not automated like HMS, but our techs typically perform a setup within 24 hours. Our pricing is much less as well, starting at $189 for a 1-cpu VPS server with 2.0 GB dedicated RAM (we don’t recommend anything less than 2.0 GB for CF VPS!), a 32 GB disk partition, and CF Enterprise 8.0.1. Details are on our web site.
    Mathew Ford

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