My New Chromodoris Magnifica

Yep, the name is a bit of a mouthful, but the “magnifica” part is quite appropriate. This little guy is a sea slug, a member of the nudibranch species, and he joined my fish tank on Friday. This Chromodoris Magnifica is about 2 inches long, with bright vibrant colors, and with bright orange gills and rhinophores. He’s (ok, we don’t know that he’s a he, but “it” seems so impersonal) also surprisingly agile, and can slither around, but also just kind of lets go and allows the current drop him down somewhere else.

11 responses to “My New Chromodoris Magnifica”

  1. Ryan Vikander Avatar
    Ryan Vikander

    I love that sea slug. And I also love that the guy who made CF famous is an aquariast.

  2. Hatem Jaber Avatar
    Hatem Jaber

    Is this also known as a "Sea Cucumber"?

  3. Peter Tilbrook Avatar
    Peter Tilbrook

    Man gotta share that with my brother. Best he has is a "sucker fish" (who is also cute BTW).

  4. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Nope, this is not a Sea Cucumber (although I do have one of those, too).
    — Ben

  5. Hamad Amaral Avatar
    Hamad Amaral

    5 years ago I was scuba diving at Angra dos Reis (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) and I got an amazing experience, we saw dozens of nudibranchs couples. I always see nudibranchs when diving at Arraial do Cabo (Rio) as well. Pics: and

  6. Joe FitzGerald Avatar
    Joe FitzGerald

    Very cool looking. I thought most nudibranchs eat one thing and one things only (species dependent). What does this one eat? Beautiful…good luck with it!!
    Do you keep corals as well?

  7. Justin Avatar

    What the heck is that thing???

  8. Kevin Chow Avatar
    Kevin Chow

    Where are these sea slugs? Tropical waters? What water depth? Are they exotic or can you find them at any pet store to put in your fish tank? Thanks for posting this…something I’d like to add to my fish tank.

  9. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Kevin, they are pretty sensitive, they need a well balanced saltwater tank. They’ll crawl all over the place.
    — Ben

  10. Kevin Chow Avatar
    Kevin Chow

    Can you explain more or the balance of salt water? This might be more than I expected. Do you have a ratio?

  11. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    I try to keep my pH level at 8.2, +/- 2 in each direction (it is 8.3 right now). I use a digital controller to monitor pH (and more), it alerts me to changes in real-time.
    — Ben

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