Free Flex Builder 3 For Unemployed Developers

Over the past couple of months, the Platform Evangelism team have been handing out free copies of Flex Builder 3 to developers who are out of work, the idea being that they could use their new free time to learn a new skill. We did not launch a full program for this, just a grassroots initiative thought up and delivered by your friendly Adobe Platform Evangelists. We were inundated with requests, and gave away hundreds of copies in the first few days. And it worked, fellow evangelist Duane Nickull gave a copy to a developer who recently told us that it helped him get a new job! But, the incredible response was also overwhelming, we literally could not keep up with all of the inbound requests. So, we brought in the platform marketing team to help, and now
We’ve just launched the official version of the Adobe Flex Builder 3 Professional for unemployed developers program. Accept the terms, fill in the form, and you’ll be on your way to learning a new, and much in demand, skill. The program even includes an offer from Safari Books Online. They are providing developers with free 60 day access to an online version of the Adobe Developer Library, which includes some of the most popular books for learning Flex.
As much as I wish that no one would need this help or even be eligible, I’m also really pleased that we’ve been able to help our fellow developers already, and that we’re now ramped up to help even more.
Please, spread the word!

13 responses to “Free Flex Builder 3 For Unemployed Developers”

  1. Alirio Boquin Avatar
    Alirio Boquin

    It’s the new of the day. I will blog it too. Thank you.

  2. David Avatar

    Great Job Ben, and team. You’re right, no one wants to be eligible for this, but, if it’s a reality that has to be dealt with, then this is a really nice option to have. You all should be commended for helping out in this way.

  3. Anuj Gakhar Avatar
    Anuj Gakhar

    Thats great news! Given the current economic conditions, this is really useful. This very thoughtful decision says something about Adobe.

  4. Peter Tilbrook Avatar
    Peter Tilbrook

    Thanks Ben, Serge and Adobe.
    Just got a new computer and finally have it just the way I like. Patched and everything.
    Thanks Adobe!

  5. Clint Avatar

    OMFG!!! This is awesome! Holy cow dude, thanks!!!
    I’m gonna get Flex 3 Builder, I’m gonna get Flex 3 Builder, I’m gonna get Flex 3 Builder, I’m gonna get Flex 3 Builder, na na nana na. I don’t have a job, I don’t have a job, I don’t have a job, eh eh eheh eh. In your face employeed developers!

  6. Shabana Avatar

    really a very good step, now i m going to like adobe like anything…. It will really help needy people. My applause for them..

  7. PET Avatar

    Wait, let me get this right. Me, a student with no jobs who likes programming and recently found about Flex3 … has a chance on getting Flex 3 … for free???

  8. Sachin Kumar Avatar
    Sachin Kumar

    A great approach to overcome the situation, The current scenario yelling us to make change in our objectives through new technologies.
    I appriciate. Thanks Adobe….

  9. RedAnthrax Avatar

    I think nobody wanted to qualify for this because it’s Adobe Flex. Silverlight pwns your asses!

  10. Matt Avatar

    A little knowledge is very dangerous RedAnthrax. It is obvious that you don’t realise how immature your comment really is.

  11. David Avatar

    You know, Red’s comment wouldn’t have been nearly as funny, if Ben hadn’t posted (on the same day RedAnthrax commented) "Why Major League Baseball Benched Silverlight For Flash ". Class!

  12. Frank Avatar

    I’m employed but as a midrange developer. But I want to learn Flex. No chance for someone like me could also grab a freebie version of this?

  13. limewire Avatar

    It’s the new of the day. I will blog it too. Thank you.

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