The ColdFusion 8 project-based curriculum is designed to teach web developers how to create dynamic, database-driven web applications using ColdFusion 8. Two courses are available for the download, “Introduction to ColdFusion 8”, and “Advanced ColdFusion 8 Development”. These can be used in conjunction with the free ColdFusion 8 educational license.

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  1. how about you do a post why cfh2 for cf8 has been out since october of 2008 and was NEVER mentioned to any of us.

  2. Andrew, there’s a tab there, click on it for the advanced material.
    dfguy, I post things like that when I am aware of them myself. If I, and others, missed a release in October 2008, then it was likely lost in the shuffle on MAX, and then reorg, and more. I think it was an unfortunate timing thing, not some malicious attempt to keep folks in the dark.
    — Ben

  3. Ben,
    Do you think it would be possible that some of the units from earlier CF courses could be posted too. In earlier ACFD versions (For MX 6.1) there were units on Verity that I think many people attempting to use it for the first time would really like to see. that stuff still applies but was left out to make it possible to deliver the course in 3 days.

  4. This is great! I have downloaded, and started using it.
    Why is there a Access DB only? I use the Mac, and generally MySQL, and even the CF install uses apache derby. They should have included the apache derby files, or MySQL with this so that all platforms can enjoy it.
    I was able to get access to a Windows machine and convert the file to mySQL, but I think that the DB file should be something that everybody can use, not just Windows people.
    Outside of that one complaint, it is a wonderful course!

  5. John, the original courseware was created for Windows, and thus the MDB file. It was also created before Apache Derby was included with ColdFusion. Still, I’ll pass the comment on.
    — Ben

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