We’re hosting an Adobe Roadshow focused on ColdFusion Flex integration. These are free events that run from 9:30am-2:00pm and focus on how Adobe solutions can help your organization create more efficient processes,
more effective communications, and more engaging connections with customers, all powered by ColdFusion and Flex. Registration is required. The current lineup is:

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  1. Wow… and nothing online. An online seminar for this would be grand for those who are not local to any of these.

  2. I want to come to one of those 9:30am-2:00pm online seminars! lol … or at least the parts that would seem most meaningful. 🙂 A long seminar like this goes more in depth and typically covers ground because they are serial topics. Online seminars are typically not that cohesive… thus again, wish this could be put online for those of us not local. Understand that is far easier said than done.

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