BanillaStore ColdFusion Powered E-Commerce Solution

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  1. Jean Moniatte Avatar
    Jean Moniatte

    No offense, but was is so special about it that it deserves a post on your website? In all honesty, it looks below average…

  2. Jean Moniatte Avatar
    Jean Moniatte

    Sorry for the typos. I meant "what is so special about it"?

  3. Sebastiaan Avatar

    Having scoured the Internet for CF ECommerce solutions I have been quite disappointed of the results I came up with. Except of course for the CFWebstore product by Mary Jo Sminkey, which is excellent, there aren’t many nice e-shops out there. The HTML of this new store you promote leaves much to be desired. I know it can be hard to code an ecommerce solution into valid XHTML and CSS (take a look at for an Onlinebase ProShop ECommerce solution which IS), but it can be done. So I feel delivering a NEW ecommerce solution in todays world and NOT using correct HTML is making it very difficult for users and developers who want to use or customize it.

  4. Clint Avatar

    Am I blind? Where’s the download link for this CF store application? Oh, I have to contact them to purchase it?!?!? But I don’t see how I can demo the admin side of this package either. And no price or anything.
    Are you pulling our chain? I wouldn’t mind downloading it and modifying or customizing it but I’m not paying for something I can do myself in the first place. I guess this blog posting wasn’t for me.
    If anyone is looking for a CF shopping cart they can pillage and customize, go to where you can get a totally free solution with most of the bells and whistles already complete. The code is a little behind the times but with some effort anyone can convert it to any framework with proper cfc’s and/or OO. I’m thinking of revamping it myself for Coldbox and re-release it as my own. Here’s just one example of my own cfshopkart application:

  5. Anonymous Avatar

    One word……<cfqueryparam>

  6. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    I did not review the app, I was shown it and I posted a link to it because when I see stuff written in CF I like to let the community know about it. The creators wanted feedback, and it looks like they are already getting some here.
    — Ben

  7. Andrew Avatar

    I would stay away from this app. They don’t even check for sql injection.
    Where clause with direct URL variable access???? Who does that.
    Error Executing Database Query.
    [Macromedia][SequeLink JDBC Driver][ODBC Socket][Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Syntax error (missing operator) in query expression ‘ProdId = 9a’.
    The error occurred in line 16
    14 : SELECT ProdId, ProdCode, ProdDesc, AddDesc, RRP, Gross, Img1, Img2, Img3
    15 : FROM Product
    16 : WHERE ProdId = #url.ProdId#
    17 : </cfquery>
    18 :
    SQL SELECT ProdId, ProdCode, ProdDesc, AddDesc, RRP, Gross, Img1, Img2, Img3 FROM Product WHERE ProdId = 9a
    DATASOURCE demostore
    SQLSTATE 42000

  8. duncan Avatar

    Andrew and good old Anon beat me to what I was going to post… there are multiple things wrong here:
    1. Using Access for their database
    2. No error handling
    3. No cfqueryparam
    Other than that I quite like it! Hopefully they can fix these minor things.

  9. Leigh Avatar

    Hi all,
    I feel like this may have kicked off a little but the demo version you have seen was a v.early dev version that was posted for the perusal of early clients so they could get a feel for the layout and workflow, since that time and of course emailing the venerable Mr Forta many changes have occurred which will have covered off many of your comments.
    We do have a new demo which is just having test products added to it over the next few days and this DOES include cfqueryparam, sql injection prevention etc, etc.
    To be honest it had been some time since emailing Ben and as he probably receives a million and one requests on a daily basis I had given up checking if a post had been added to his blog – that is until my Google analytics showed a 200% rise in traffic overnight and I found that was the main cause!! As the demo only had a few clicks a day we had not really got around to updating it.
    Anyway a couple of notes just to cover off some of the above;
    1) Live version uses Mysql, not MSAccess – dev version was in Access so we could chop and change quickly.
    2) Sql injection is covered off, UK developers made early rec’s that made it in, including cfqueryparam and application level error handling.
    3) This product is aimed at business’s which do not have development resources and are looking to move to e-commerce, not at the development community – if any of the dev community wish to pilfer and purge then please feel free to contact me,
    4) Latest demo version online in 2/3 days, please come back and check it out – your comments are very much appreciated as it is only the critique of others that pushes the bar.
    5) Many thanks to Ben for posting the link!!
    Many thanks and keep it CF

  10. Pete Avatar

    My own recently-launched CF-powered web store builder provides all the key features mentioned by Banilla, but my site is completely free (although premium plans are available) and requires no download. And I consider the cfqueryparam tag one of my closest friends! I, too, would appreciate comments and constructive criticism — please see

  11. dfguy Avatar

    if this was a very early dev version, then you shouldn’t have submitted it to Ben to put out an announcement about it. you should have gotten the latest version online first then ask Ben to announce it. right now you’re product looks like cr

  12. Leigh Avatar

    Dear dfguy
    I suspect you may have been bullied as a child for pissing yourself in class or something but please get over yourself pal.
    I can fix my crappy application but you’ll always be a c*nt!
    Your the only one who makes yourself look a moron, but I suspect you’ve been told that before!

  13. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Whoa, everyone chill! There is no need for naming calling or whining.
    dfguy, thanks for your advice on how to use my blog. But, I’ll do things my way if you don’t mind. I do post reviews (as I did on Mango Blog last week), and when I do it is clear that there are indeed reviews. I also post links that relate to ColdFusion, just links, with no reviews and no promotion. They are not recommendations or anything else, they are FYI, and readers are free to comment, as they did here.
    — Ben

  14. Jean Moniatte Avatar
    Jean Moniatte

    While dfguy’s reply was a bit harsh (specially towards Ben who is doing an excellent job at promoting CF), he made 2 excellent points. Your answer is totally inappropriate, and certainly not an incentive to check your app after you have fixed its very obvious flaws.

  15. Leigh Avatar

    Jean, please accept my sincere apology, I do not mean to cause any offence, although I accept in this case I may well of done – for that I am sorry.
    Kind regards,

  16. Andy Sandefer Avatar
    Andy Sandefer

    @Leigh you’re not letting CF "be all that it can be" for you. Unfortunately a lot of these guys on this blog were foul towards you and may have discouraged you from trying to learn just how awesome this development platform truly is – if so I’m

  17. Nagaraju Avatar

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  18. Jason Avatar
  19. Clint Avatar

    @Jason – Oh snap!! You mean to tell me I can just take the customized version of my own osCommerce store I built for free and repackage it for selling as some kind of brand new ecommerce shopping cart software???!!!! Dude, your just taking up space here w

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