Not Going To Make It To Boston

I am supposed to be talking about ColdFusion Powered Flex at an Adobe Day in Boston, MA, tomorrow. But, all of today’s flights from Detroit to Boston thus far have been canceled, and with Boston expecting more snow in the next 24 hours the odds of getting in and out on time are pretty slim. So, I am bailing on Boston, and Christophe Coenrates is merging my 1/2 day session with his parallel track on Flex in the Enterprise. So, for those attending, sorry I won’t get to meet you tomorrow, but I leave you in very good hands!

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  1. Joe Ravgiala Avatar
    Joe Ravgiala

    Sorry we missed you in Boston. I was looking forward to meeting you. I was wondering if you had any more information on the comparison of ColdFusion vs ASP.NET. I’m trying to create a presentation on why we should keep ColdFusion with our ASP.NET structure. I saw your evnagelkist kit which is great. Any more info on what CF offers vs ASP.NETwould be great.

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