ColdFusion Hosting In Europe

ColdFusion users in Europe have long been bemoaning the shortage of local hosting options. So it is worth noting that U.K. based Hostway was recently added to the Adobe ColdFusion Hosting Partners list. Hostway offers CF8 Enterprise Edition, Server Monitoring, Sandbox Security and VMware support. They can also provide 24/7 enterprise support.
It’s good to see additional ColdFusion hosting options in Europe. If you have any personal experiences with Hostway, please share. Thanks!

2 responses to “ColdFusion Hosting In Europe”

  1. Sebastiaan Avatar

    There’s a huge CF hosting provider in the Netherlands, called Webstekker ( Maybe an idea to look into?

  2. Chris Dawes Avatar
    Chris Dawes

    I’ve found Hostway in Australia to be a first rate provider. I don’t see why Hostway wouldn’t be just as good in the US.

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