Serge's Adobe Twitter Roundup

Ok, I’ll confess, I don’t use Twitter. Really. I just don’t get the whole Twitter thing. But, many do. Very many. And fellow Adobe platform evangelist, Serge Jespers, has compiled an impressive list of Adobe folks on Twitter.

4 responses to “Serge's Adobe Twitter Roundup”

  1. Matt Williams Avatar
    Matt Williams

    I’m with you Ben. I think it goes back to the push vs pull for getting information. I’d rather read rss feeds when I have time (pull) than have something ping me when somebody has a fleeting thought (push).

  2. Monique Avatar

    I have registered in twitter but i dont know how and why i use twitter…

  3. Lola LB Avatar
    Lola LB

    Yeah, at first, I just didn’t get Twitter. But now I find it very, very useful. Check Hal Helm’s twitters – chock full of useful links. I’ve used it to get quick questions and answers. I use it to follow some political figures. You can even set up private group tweets through GroupTweet.

  4. mili Avatar

    Yes? Twitter is nice for using

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