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ColdFusion has been the ideal back-end for Flex applications for about as long as Flex has been around (ok, since Flex 2). And at MAX, Tim Buntel and I demoed some of what we are working on for the next versions of both ColdFusion and Flex that will make these applications even more powerful and their creation even more productive. Tim is looking for ColdFusion users, especially those with little or no Flex experience, to fill in a survey and possibly help test some new features.

4 responses to “The Future Of ColdFusion Powered Flex”

  1. Alirio Boquin Avatar
    Alirio Boquin

    WOW, I will fill it, thanks Ben

  2. Dale Fraser Avatar
    Dale Fraser

    To truely take this to the next level. CFSCRIPT needs to support an actionscript syntax.
    If they do this one thing, it will make ColdFusion a no brainer decision to all the action script people out there looking for a backend.
    And they need to do this now, ColdFusion 9, ColdFusion 10 will be too late.

  3. Mike Kollen Avatar
    Mike Kollen

    I am completely agree with Dale. We made the same request at the Boeing client visit. Thanks, Ben.

  4. Paul Kukiel Avatar
    Paul Kukiel

    I agree. I would love to be able to use the same syntax for my backend ColdFusion code leveraging all Coldfusion has to offer with the exact snytax I use for the front end ( Actionscript ).

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