Boston University Build Facebook-Like Site In ColdFusion

Mass High Tech is running a story about how “The Boston University School of Management has launched its own private version of Facebook to encourage student networking while reducing potentially embarrassing situations” As per the story, “The system was developed by one programmer over nine weeks using Adobe Inc.’s ColdFusion”. Nice!

2 responses to “Boston University Build Facebook-Like Site In ColdFusion”

  1. Alirio Boquin Avatar
    Alirio Boquin

    I like this kind of projects.
    Now I almost finish an University web site, It’s from where studies.
    The old website is PHP and the new one is using ColdFusion 8, Flex 3 and MS-SQL.
    And this is amazing feeling because is the place where I spend a lot time learning and study.
    When the project is launch I’ll show you Ben.

  2. Ben Forta Avatar
    Ben Forta

    Alirio, can’t wait to see it!
    — Ben

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