The Flip Powered By ColdFusion And Flex

The Flip products are wonderful, small portable super-friendly video cameras (my 10 year old is becoming a budding director thanks to one he just got). The Flip website uses Flex in various places, including for designing your own Flip Mino. And then when you checkout, the online store is powered by ColdFusion 8.

3 responses to “The Flip Powered By ColdFusion And Flex”

  1. Joshua Curtiss Avatar
    Joshua Curtiss

    Flippin’ awesome! 😀
    (Sorry, couldn’t resist…)

  2. Troy Avatar

    I thought you were going to tell us that the camera’s menu system was a flex app, and that a portable CF server was running on the hardware. Considering how ridiculous that would be, this is actually much better.

  3. chad Avatar

    I love the Flip also, my only beef with the Flip is the software that installs on your computer has to run with admin rights on Vista. My daughter is setup as a normal user and she cannot run the software. Hopefully i will figure out tonight what settings i will need on the software to get it to run for her account by doing some security policy auditing

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