IntelliJ ColdFusion Plugin

This one seemed to fly beneath the radar, and I was unaware of it until it was mentioned on cf-talk. IntelliJ is an incredible Java IDE – in fact it is what most of the ColdFusion engineering team uses to build the product. And apparently, developer Valeria Nikolaenko has been working on a ColdFusion plugin for IntelliJ, and it is now available online. More details on the plugin blog.

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  1. Russell Brown Avatar
    Russell Brown

    I started playing around with IntelliJ a few weeks ago considering it’s use for CF Development having already heard multiple times about it’s prowess as a Java IDE. I liked it, but the project setup/perspective would definitely require a major shift in development structure I think.
    You can only work with one project at a time and often times multiple projects interact with each other, requiring me to have multiple files across the board open at the same time… So I’d have to setup bigger projects with modules, which then creates some issues with SVN integration in IntelliJ…

  2. Eric Fleming Avatar
    Eric Fleming

    You may have already blogged about this but for us Mac folks there is a plugin for TextMate out there too. I have used it a little and it is really pretty awesome.

  3. Mike Henke Avatar
    Mike Henke

    IntelliJ IDEA also supports Flex Development.

  4. Valeria N. Avatar
    Valeria N.

    If you are interested in the plugin and have any ideas of impoving it, any advice will be appreciated. You may post a feature request here or contact me through e-mail.

  5. Valeria N. Avatar
    Valeria N.

    Hi! I’m thinking of adding a debug opportunity to our plugin. Is there any information available about API of Remote Development Services or any information about using this component? I found almost nothing about that on the internet =(

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