I Have A Mini-Me

Well, two mini-me’s actually. 😉 These adorable paper figurines were created by the very talented Brazilian, Cláudio Dias (the same guy who sold a Darth Vader model to help pay his way to MAX). The one on the left is me in a CF shirt, and the one on the right is everyone’s favorite superhero, Scorpio Man (complete with mask, cape, and tail)! Check out Cláudio’s other creations on, you’ll be amazed at what he’s created.
On, and I posted a few other MAX US 2008 pics, too.

6 responses to “I Have A Mini-Me”

  1. John Avatar

    Well done, sir. With one skillfully Photoshopped image, you’ve "proven" that Ben Forta is not, in fact, Scorpio Man.
    Well done, sir.

  2. Darth Vader Avatar
    Darth Vader

    You know, I was not adequately compensated for that model. 🙁 Sigh… I may just have to blow up earth for this transgression!

  3. Peter Bell Avatar
    Peter Bell

    In Nashville, you also have a "maxi-me". I think the idea is so they can look up and ask themselves "what would Ben do" 🙂—

  4. Benjamin Avatar

    It’s definitely Cartman with a beard!

  5. JD Avatar

    Looks like Cartman with a beard…. respect my AUTHORITIIIIIIIIIIII!

  6. Cláudio Dias Avatar
    Cláudio Dias

    Cartman is fatter as you can see at

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