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  1. MAX 2009: Somewhere in Austria, or Munich in Germany would be the best, becuause it’s nearly in the middle of Europe, isn’t it?

  2. Guess my guys won’t be going to MAX 2009 either, company too cheap to send anyone West of the Miss… πŸ™

  3. Hey Ben, someone asked me to point them to any official Adobe page listing this info. I could find none. I will point them here, but are you aware of any on the Adobe site confirming this? )

  4. Charlie, no, not yet, nothing more than that slide I used in the keynote.
    Tek, I was hoping we’d announce it in Milan, but we’re still trying to finalize some details. Stay tuned.
    — Ben

  5. Jeff, I am not the only opinion on this one, but … I’d not be a fan of that, at least not until they build some hotels near The Javits Center. I only like venues where the hotels and conference facilities are walking distance. Sorry.
    — Ben

  6. That is probably very true. I guess I had never thought about that before and it is probably why they haven’t had one here since I can remember.

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