MAX US 2008 A Phenomenal Success

MAX US 2008 is over, and the general consensus is that this ranks as one of the best to date. The venue was great, the content was superb, the special event is being praised by all … I think that most people would be astonished if they knew how much time and work goes into creating and producing MAX, and when it all comes together as it did this year, well, that’s pretty phenomenal. Oh, and among the comments I heard tonight was this one: “this was so much fun, it felt like Macromedia MAX”. I agree.
And with that, I head home tomorrow for the weekend, and then it’s off to Europe to do it all again!

4 responses to “MAX US 2008 A Phenomenal Success”

  1. Chris Tierney Avatar
    Chris Tierney

    I can’t wait to see video from the Event for those of us not able to attend this year.

  2. tony of the weeg clan Avatar
    tony of the weeg clan

    ben is there an official version of mike relm’s scratch mastery somewhere??? the youtube ones suck and that was sooo phenomenal that i just got the chills watching a horrific version… i can imagine the real one is better…
    btw, i was there, and this was truly better than any max ive attended anywhere, anytime, and it was my 4th one.

  3. It's Me Avatar
    It’s Me

    Wow, I stumbled upon Ben’s mug from an annoying (you guessed it) — Flash — advertisement.
    I was surprised that he and cold fusion are still around.

  4. Jon Stepro Avatar
    Jon Stepro

    I agree. I was there and many people commented it was by far the best content at any MAX attended so far. It was my 4th MAX and I have to agree. The hands on session were especially good. I took a Premiere hands on class and it was great. Looking forward to hearing more about Bolt and CF9 next year. Hope to see you in LA.

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