ColdFusion Announcements At MAX Keynote

During the MAX keynote this morning I announced that we are working on an Eclipse based ColdFusion IDE codenamed “Bolt” to be released in conjunction with the next version of ColdFusion. More details to follow, but, visit Labs to request access to both Bolt and Centaur. Oh, and yes, the name “Bolt” pays homage to the original ColdFusion lightning bolt.

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  1. Jonathan Avatar

    Dear Ben,
    I would like to ask, in your opinion, comparing Adobe Dreamweaver and Eclipes which is better to code in ColdFusion? They both are Adobe’s products and I have been using Dreamweaver for years. I code in ajax, DHTML, ColdFusion (in the process of learning FLEX 3). I just wondering why Adobe team would bring out a product that effects the sales for its another product line? Should I break my habit and start using Eclipes with ColdFusion built in?
    Sincerely yours,

  2. count_schemula Avatar

    Why not download Eclipse and CFeclipse and give the Eclipse environment a try?

  3. johans Avatar

    Bolt sounds great – I hope that it solves the Eclipse problem with saving files with a UTF-8 BOM. If not please make put in a request to ensure Centaur use UTF-8 as the complier default – really why should anything else be the default. Adding cfprocessingdirective to everything is just plain ugly.

  4. Chris Avatar

    first, Eclipse and CFEclipse are not Adobe products. 😉 IMHO CFEclipse targets developers while Dreamweaver has some features that are more suited for desingers. I know, I know.. the wizzards, etc. But, to me Eclipse feels more like "co

  5. Mike Rankin Avatar
    Mike Rankin

    Cool news about Bolt. I hope that winds up being the product name and is not just a beta codename. It would be a shame if the cool name Bolt gets changed to something like Adobe ColdFusion/Actionscript Integrated Developer Environment Studio Workbench CS5.

  6. Craig Avatar

    I’m getting the impression that if you are a developer, you’ll pay x dollars for Flex Builder and y dollars for ColdFusion Builder (Bolt). Is that correct? This seems to fly in the face of the Visual Studio approach with one tool, (i.e. one price) for multiple language development.

  7. Andrea Veggiani Avatar
    Andrea Veggiani
    Listen to the community 🙂

  8. johans Avatar

    @Chris – Eclipse can read files that contain a UTF-8 BOM and yes you can set the workspace to use UTF-8 for the editor. However when you create new files in Eclipse it does not save them with a BOM.
    Try this – save a test cfm file, say test.cfm, in

  9. Chris Avatar

    I see what you mean. I just learned from another editor (TextWrangler) that you can save a file as utf-8 with or without BOM. It never occurred to me that Eclipse would save files without a BOM. On the other hand I never tried to read a fil

  10. johans Avatar

    @Chris – of course the charset is intentionally set incorrectly just to demonstrate the difference 🙂
    You may never have problems but when you least need it you may find that characters are not displayed correctly since unless there is a BOM or a

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