MAX Session Recommendation: Rakshith On ColdFusion AIR Integration

At the MAX sneaks session last year we showed you an early (make that very early) prototype of what ColdFusion AIR integration could look like. Over the past year we’ve made significant progress on ColdFusion AIR integration, especially as part of Centaur planning.
Rakshith is a member of the ColdFusion engineering team in India, and one of the features he’s been hard at work on is just that, ColdFusion AIR integration, and he’ll be presenting at MAX in San Francisco. His session description is rather vague, because we could not yet provide details about a future product. But, if you are in any way interested in AIR, then you’ll want to attend Rakshith’s session. He’ll cover the integration options available right now in CF8, and will also show you what he’s been working on for Centaur (aka CF9). He’ll talk about online/offline processing, making it easy to call CFML tags from within AIR, and … oops, I’ve probably said too much already.
Rakshith’s session is titled ColdFusion Powered AIR, and runs Tuesday, November 18th, from 3:00pm to 4:00pm.

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