Problem Updating ColdFusion After Move to 64bit

A user e-mailed me with a problem. He is using 64bit ColdFusion and recently tried to apply the 8.0.1 update, but kept receiving errors about missing files (including iawin32.dll). ColdFusion Product Manager, Jason Delmore, figured this one out. If 32bit ColdFusion is installed and then the 64bit updater applied, subsequent updates may not work. The solution is to manually uninstall ColdFusion, and then reinstall the 64bit version. This TechNote explains how to manually uninstall ColdFusion. It was written for ColdFusion 6 and 7, but still applies (with version names changed appropriately).

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  1. Mike Brunt Avatar
    Mike Brunt

    That’s interesting Ben I have done several installs of CF8 64 bit in fact one very recently was an upgrade from CF8 32-bit to 64-bit and as I always do, I uninstalled the previous version and made sure I cleaned out the Registry. Another tip, providing the directory structure remains the same ColdFusion Archives (.CAR) files can be really useful.
    As a note point, all the installs of CF8 64-bit I have done so far went painlessly.

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